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Three Rivers Energy is a trusted supplier of a full line of fuel products to serve businesses throughout the region. Our compressed natural gas (CNG), gasoline, diesel, propane and ethanol products are delivered to you when and where you need them. We can help you determine which product or combination of products is best for your operation.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Natural gas is an environmentally clean, low-cost, plentiful , domestically produced fuel that is used throughout the U.S. and is rapidly growing as a transportation fuel. CNG allows the same amount of fuel to be stored in a vehicle’s fuel tank, just like gas or diesel.

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Gasoline is a transparent, petroleum-based product commonly used throughout the world as a fuel for internal combustion engines. A large percentage of oil used in production comes from foreign sources, which can make supply and cost unstable. Improvements over the years have decreased some of the environmental impact of gasoline pollution.


Diesel fuel is widely used in most types of transportation (aside from gasoline-powered automobiles) and is commonly made from fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil. Biodiesel and synthetic diesel fuels are also in use. Diesel fuel is generally more fuel efficient than gasoline and produces less greenhouse gas emissions.


Propane is an affordable, clean, American-made fuel used for engines, space and water heating and cooking. Since propane is a lower-carbon fuel than other petroleum-based products, it burns cleaner.


Ethanol is most often used as a motor fuel, mainly as a biofuel additive for gasoline. It is made from converting fermented sugars from corn, sugarcane or other plant material. A quasi-renewable energy source, the U.S. is the top producer of ethanol in the world. When compared to gasoline, most ethanol releases fewer greenhouse gases. Ready to discuss your energy needs?
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