Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a cutting-edge energy resource. It is natural gas compressed under pressure which allows large volumes to be stored in a vehicle's fuel tank. CNG is the economical and reliable way to fuel your fleet!

The Four Factors of CNG:


  • The United States contains numerous reserves that supply a large amount of natural gas. At Three Rivers Energy, we believe in utilizing this domestic fuel to help decrease our dependency on foreign oil.


  • Since natural gas is produced in the United States, its cost remains stable. In comparison to gasoline or diesel, CNG can even cost up to 40% less. In addition, vehicle engines using CNG run more efficiently than gasoline powered vehicles.


  • CNG is an environmentally friendly fuel option. It reduces carbon monoxide emissions up to 97% and reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to 25%. Additionally, CNG poses no threat to land or water; it is non-toxic.


  • Produced in America, affordable and cleaner than its competitors, CNG is the smarter fuel choice. By switching to CNG, your business can help increase energy security while lowering environmental emissions.